Who put me in charge?

I don’t know how we got into this one. And I mean that literally—I have no memory of how this damn mess got started. The last thing I remember was making a bet with a halfling contortionist that I couldn’t finish my Balewrack Bombs before he did (for the record, pretty sure they took everything I had on me. I won the bet though). I woke up with the worst bunch of headaches in my life. And a hangover to boot.

Sitting here in Kaer Maga, the bloody place we’ve been heading towards since I came to in the hold of a pirate ship, it seems like someone should be keeping track of whats going on. Nobody seems to be jumping up and down with their hand in the air. So, Geshur it’ll be. Come to think of it, this would have been handy back in Absalom. It’d be nice to know exactly why I’m in trouble the next morning.

Here’s what I’ve got. Anyone else wants to pass their notes my way, cheers to them.

Onward, to Death!

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